Mostar and Široki Brijeg are still the most expensive Cities in the FB&H

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Mostar and Široki Brijeg are still the most expensive cities in the FB&H when it comes to food and services, according to an analysis performed by the Federal Ministry of Trade in June.

Even though it is very difficult to compare the average prices of products and services, since prices vary even by a couple of BAM in some cities, the biggest numbers of the most expensive products are found in these two cities.

Flour is most expensive in Široki Brijeg, where the price per kilogram is 1.4 BAM, while in Tuzla it is two times cheaper and costs 0.70 BAM per kilogram.

The most expensive rice is found in Mostar. The price for one kilogram of rice in the city on Neretva is 5 BAM, while you will need to allocate 1.8 BAM for the same quantity of rice in Orašje. Drugs and pizza are the most expensive in Mostar as well.

For the drugs Ranibos, Ranistan, Ranital in Mostar you must allocate as much as 7.5 BAM per box, while for the same dose in Livno and Goražde you are going to allocate 2.2 BAM. Medium pizza for one person in Mostar costs 9.5 BAM, in Sarajevo 8.3 BAM, while in Široki Brijeg it costs 8 BAM.

The cheapest pizza is in Zenica and costs 5.1 BAM. It is interesting that the highest price for urban transport is found in Mostar as well, where the average ticket price is 2.1 BAM, while the same ticket in Sarajevo costs 1.5 KM, and 1 BAM in Široki Brijeg.

Mostar has the highest price for bananas in the FB&H where they cost 2.8 BAM per kilogram. Mostar is also leading in prices for hairdressing services, where washing the semi-long hair with blow-drying costs 12 BAM, and a male haircut will set you back 7 BAM. Only in Sarajevo is it more expensive to blow-dry and cut your hair.

In addition, Mostar is in the lead when it comes to household water prices, with citizens paying 1.2 BAM for m3, while citizens of Široki Brijeg and Sarajevo must allocate 1.1 BAM for the same amount of drinking water. Zenica residents have the cheapest water, with the price of 0.5 BAM per m3.

Chocolate is the most expensive in Široki Brijeg, where you must allocate 18.1 BAM for one kilogram of chocolate, while the same amount in Goražde costs 12.4 BAM.



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