Most Newly Infected with Coronavirus in Sarajevo Canton belong to Family Clusters


According to the latest data of the Sarajevo Canton (SC) Public Health Institute, about two-thirds of all newly infected people in SC belong to so-called family clusters, which means that these people become infected in the family environment.

The Institute reminds of the measures that have to be followed in order to prevent infection within the household and states that a person who has symptoms is obliged to visit the competent doctor in the health institution where he has a health card, Avaz news portal reports.

If it is medically confirmed that a person within the household is infected with coronavirus, and in the opinion of the doctor he does not require hospital treatment, which means he has mild symptoms of the disease, he can be safely treated at home with continuous, daily medical supervision.

When it comes to general measures of preventing and fighting an infection at home, it is necessary to limit the number of people who are caring for a patient with suspected or “confirmed Covid-19  infection”.

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