More than Hundred Cars stolen in Canton Sarajevo

Since the beginning of the year, a total of 101 cars were stolen and 46 cars were returned in the Sarajevo Canton area.

In June this year, 15 criminal acts of heavy theft of motor vehicles were carried out.

Eight were found, of which Ministry of Internal Affairs of Canton Sarajevo (CSMIA) returned three vehicles, Kakanj Police Administration one and four motor vehicles were found by owners.

CS MIA says that the number of theft compared to last year was reduced.

In May, 21 vehicles were stolen, and 12 were returned by the Police Administration of Canton Sarajevo, one by Ministry of Internal Affairs of Republika Srpska, and other cars by other Police Administrations.

In April, 29 vehicles were stolen, 12 were returned, in March, 9 cars were stolen and 5 were returned, in February, 10 cars were stolen and 3 returned. In January, 17 vehicles were stolen and 6 returned.

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