More than Eight Tons of Waste collected by Citizens on Barice Tourist Site

The spring cleaning of Canton Sarajevo is underway, and the Government of Canton Sarajevo has launched an action that will last for the next two months.

“Trash Hero Sarajevo” group has published several photographs writing that they collected eight and a half tons of waste.

“An informal group of citizens gathered under the name “Trash Hero Sarajevo”, pupils and teachers of the Second High School and Obala, in the wider area of the Barice collected eight and a half tons of waste. In an action that lasted from 11 am to 3 pm, 200 people participated,” was stated.

Prime Minister of Canton Sarajevo Edin Forto said yesterday that the point is to return the cleanliness as standard.

“We did not even notice we live in a dirty town. The essence of the action is not to clean it all once,”Forto said.

The Great Spring Cleaning Action, coordinated and managed by the Ministry of Communal Economy and Infrastructure of CS, in the part that is being carried out by the company “Park” will continue on the following weeks, until June 22nd.


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