More than 50 Thousand Doses of Flu Vaccines have been acquired


Currently, there is a low activity of flu virus in our country, but epidemiologists warn that in this period of the year, doctors in health centers and hospitals have a lot of work, because the virus is mostly active at the end of the year.

Health Minister of Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina (FBiH) Vjekoslav Mandic told for ‘’Avaz’’ that seasonal flu vaccines were tested and that everything was fine.

‘’More than 50.000 doses have been purchased this year, which will be enough for anyone who wants to get vaccinated,’’ said Mandic.

Spokesman for Canton Sarajevo (CS) Health Centers Arman Sarkic said that vaccination had started in our capital city on Thursday and that vaccines for more than 8 health centers and 70 outpatient clinics had been acquired.

‘’7.000 doses were purchased. They ran out in Vrazova on Monday only because a large number of citizens are coming to that health center. However, we will withdraw them from family outpatient clinics with lower patient presence. We urge citizens to go to vaccinations in health centers where they are registered in order to prevent vaccine shortage,’’ Sarkic said.

The Ministry of Health, Labor and Social Welfare in Herzegovina-Neretva Canton (HNC) has provided 2.300 doses of the seasonal flu vaccine for this season.

‘’The vaccine is intended for people who are older than 65, people with chronic illnesses, especially heart, lungs and kidney diseases, metabolic disorders, people with low immune system and others. The vaccines were distributed to all HNC health centers, as well as nursing centers,’’ said Nermin Avdic, director of the HNC Public Health Institute.


(Photo: nezavisne.com)

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