More than 400 People are currently under Surveillance for Coronavirus in Bosnia-Herzegovina


Bosnia and Herzegovina faced with the coronavirus sucessfuly, it was stated by Deputy Minister of Civil Affairs of Bosnia and Herzegovina Sinisa Ilic, after  session of the Bosnian Council of Ministers, Avaz news portal reports.

“At the moment, citizens have no reason to worry. The infected persons in Banja Luka has very good clinical pictures and has a mild fever. There is no room to panic. It is not good that the virus has appeared, but we are ready to welcome the first cases. Now we are going to implement the measures themselves. We follow the recommendations of both the World Health Organization and the European Center for Disease Control, which we think is very important, and all the necessary measures are now being taken to find all those who are potentially infected, and if they are infected, we are taking all measures to find potential contacts those infected,” said Ilic.

Regarding the cases of three persons infected by  coronavirus recorded in Banja Luka involving a father and son and another person, Ilic said that persons were tested and that his wife was negative as well as other persons.

“More than 400 people are currently under surveillance, with 26 being tested. Depending on the monitoring and the symptoms, trying to do testing based on that clinical picture is a prerequisite,” said Ilic.



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