Montenegro: Majority of new active cases imported from Serbia via BiH, Tweets Government


The Montenegrin Government announced on Twitter this afternoon that the majority of the new cases of COVID-19 are the result of “irresponsible individuals” who had been in Serbia and entered the country through BiH.

The Montenegrin Government announced at 2:35pm today on Twitterthat the majority of new cases of coronavirus infection in Montenegro had been brought in from Serbia via Bosnia and Herzegovina.

“Most of the active cases of # COVID19 in Montenegro were imported from Serbia by irresponsible individuals entering Montenegro through BiH,” the post stated.

As a result, the government tweeted that decision was made to “temporarily exclude #BiH from the list of countries from which Montenegro can be accessed without a measure of institutional isolation.”

They added that as of today, passengers will only be able to enter from BiH with a negative COVID-19 test result no more than two days old.

“From today, entry from BiH is possible for the citizens of Montenegro, BiH and the countries on the list

@ijzcg (the Public Health Institute’s list) with a negative #PCRtest of the accredited BiH laboratory of BiH aged max 48 h.”

The Montenegrin Government said this procedure will be in place pending an agreement with BiH on information provision pertaining to passengers attempting to enter Montenegro via Bosnia from other nations.

“The measure is in force until Montenegro and BiH agree on the procedures for exchanging information on the control of persons coming to Montenegro from third countries through BiH,” the Tweet stated.

The government also announced on Twitter that masks will now be compulsory in public spaces from today due to the  “dramatic increase in the number of infected #COVID19 in several countries in the region and the number of newly infected in #Montenegro.”

Montenegro currently has nine active COVID-19 cases.


Written by Miya Yamanouchi for the Sarajevo Times


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