Montenegro loses Corona-Free Status after Two New Imported Cases from Bosnia and Herzegovina


Montenegro has lost its coronavirus-free country status after two people who had spent time in Bosnia and Herzegovina tested positive for COVID-19.

The initial new case of coronavirus infection was recorded on June 14 for the first time in Montenegro since May 5, after an individual who had been in Bosnia and Herzegovina last week tested positive.

On Sunday, the Public Health Institute of Montenegro released a statement on their website, informing the public about the new case of infection, entitled “COVID-19: Importation from BiH”.

“On Sunday 14th June in the early hours of the evening laboratories of the Public Health Institute have completed laboratory processing of samples taken from patients due to suspicion of the novel coronavirus.

“Results of one of the analyses have been positive,” the statement announced.

According to the Public Health Institute, the COVID-19 positive person had decided of their own volition to self-isolate at their residence in the country’s capital and had nominal contact with others in Montenegro.

“This is an imported case which in the previous days spent time in BiH and which, for preventive reasons and of his own insistence, stayed in self isolation in his apartment in Podgorica where he is currently located.

“Epidemiological research is ongoing but initial data indicates that the number of contacts is minimal,” the statement reported.

In addition to the imported case recorded on Sunday, another new case was recorded on Monday, bringing the total number of active coronavirus cases in the country to two.

According to anN1 report, this person also spent time in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

At 12:16 am on Tuesday morning, the Government of Montenegro tweeted a statement expressing their commitment to preserving the health of the country while making it easier for foreigners to come in.

“Montenegro, determined in the further steps of opening while maintaining epidemiological stability, brings new measures to relax the entry of foreigners.

“The list of entry criteria for foreigners who do not carry a high epidemiological risk will be amended by Friday,” the tweet said.

The Montenegrin Government first publicly declared itself a coronavirus-free country on May 24 after almost three weeks of no new cases of infection.

On June 1 the Balkan nation opened its borders without mandatory quarantine or self isolation to countries with less than 25 active cases per 100,000 inhabitants, which included Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The European states which remain coronavirus-free include the Faroe Islands which was the first place in Europe to become free of COVID-19 on May 9, Vatican City and the British Crown-dependent Isle of Man.


Written by Miya Yamanouchi for the Sarajevo Times

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