Montenegro closed Two Border Crossings with Bosnia and Herzegovina


Montenegro closed two border crossings with Bosnia and Herzegovina on Friday at 19:15 oclock as a preventive measure for coronaviruses, according to Avaz news portal.

These are the Scepan Polje and Vitina border crossings.

Currently, three border crossings for international traffic have been opened between BiH and Montenegro: Klobuk – Ilino Brdo; Zubnici – Sitnica and Metaljka, on the road towards Pljevlja. 

It should be noted that as of Friday evening, mixed patrols of the Border Police of BiH and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Croatia on all borders between BiH and Croatia have been suspended due to the newly emerged coronavirus situation.

Serbia also closed several border crossings with Bosnia and Herzegovina because of coronavirus at seven o’clock on Thursday, was confirmed to Vijesti.ba news portal by the adviser to the director of the Bosnian Border Police, Svevod Hoffman.

At seven o’clock, the following border crossings between Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina were temporarily closed: under the jurisdiction of the Field Office Northeast with headquarters in Bijeljina: Bazinovci and Jamena.

Under the jurisdiction of the Visegrad Field Office: GP Most and GP Mokronozi. Under the jurisdiction of the Field Office Belfry: Zvornik Border Crossing, GP Bajina Basta Skelani.

The border crossings of Ljubovija-Bratunac, the international BC Sepak, Mali Zvornik and Karakaj will not be closed.

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