ModernWork experts support companies to change into a more innovative and value-driven approach

June 21, 2018 3:00 PM

Mr. Nils Schnell and Mrs. Anna Stania are certified coaches and facilitators, working for innovative companies, big corporations and startups. They both have a background in adult education studies and life-long learning. They are lecturers at several universities and founders of the MOWOMIND Company in Germany.

“In our work, we highly focus on ModernWork, modern ways of working and its implications. With the ModernWork approach, we provide the expertise to support companies directly with training, coaching, consulting and talks.”

The main focus of work of these ambitious young people is bringing modern ways of working to companies located in many countries worldwide.

“When it comes to ModernWork we want to raise awareness, to have impact with our knowledge and experience in order to help them learn, change and improve!”

From 6thuntil 15thJune 2018, Mr. Schnell and Mrs. Stania visited Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) on their ModernWork Tour. Regarding the impressions from their business meetings in BiH’s capital Sarajevo, they say there is still a stigma in Western countries that BiH is a post-war country, adding that they have a different opinion on this subject.

“There are so many interesting and good ideas, startups and companies, where young people can work with passion and make a difference for Sarajevo, BiH and the world. We interviewed founders and managing directors for our ModernWork Documentary in order to let companies from other places in the world know that a lot is happening in BiH, especially in the capital. We want to share our experiences with others to make the country more attractive to the world!”

In their mission to bring their expert knowledge to companies, startups and universities around the world, MOWOMIND offers them to book this company for training, Leadership Coaching sessions and consulting when companies want to become more modern, more agile and more culture driven.

“We strive to share our experiences and enable companies to change into a more innovative and value-driven direction. If you as a company want to find out your own ‘why’, develop a vision and mission statement, we are more than happy to facilitate you through this process. We also train leaders and teams in highly innovative sectors and can share many examples about pitfalls and benefits of modern leadership.”

Apart from training, MOWMIND engages in production of Modern Work Documentary. More precisely, it involves interviewing interesting founders, employees and freelancers around the world in order to get a bigger picture about what modern ways of working is and how it is executed.

When it comes to target groups, Mr. Schnell and Mrs. Stania say that startups that want an international exchange and new input for growth and success are the perfect candidates. Moreover, companies that need to become more modern and innovative. In addition, various institutes that want to include lectures, seminars or talks.

MOWOMIND believes in their four enabling offers that will make companies successful in future: consulting, training, coaching and talks. To be more precise, companies need to discover the opportunities offered to them, embrace knowledge, boost their development. Through training, companies will improve and develop soft-skill expertise, which is the foundation of good communication. When it comes to coaching, experts support companies to resolve the blockages, keep balance and set the goals. Last offer, but not least important is “talks”. Experts say the following: ”get new impulses. Invite us for ModernWork knowledge sharing. Get insights in our experiences. Connecting the dots with our knowledge.”

On their way to achieving their aims previously enumerated, Mr. Schnell and Mrs. Stania continue their road to Asian countries, followed by Oceania, Africa, Caribbean and the United States of America.

For Sarajevo Times readers that are interested more in this company, all information can be found here.


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