Model Jasmin Drinjakovic from BiH is often requested on the Foreign Market

November 6, 2017 11:00 AM

Jasmin Drinjakovic from Sarajevo, after becoming requested in the fashion market in BiH, is continuously receiving more and more offers from abroad as well.

He achieved an enviable career at our domestic as well as abroad fashion scene, and he made his first professional steps in the fashion agency of Amela Radan, after which followed his first experience at the Sarajevo Fashion Week.

“Numerous advertising campaigns followed after my performance on the Fashion Week Sarajevo, as well as cooperation with one of the most successful models from BiH, Dzejla Glavovic-Ocuz. I always had a beautiful experience while cooperating with her, so it was the same this time again,” said Drinjakovic.

“The market in BiH is quite small, and a person can deal with this business only as a hobby. China, on the other hand, is a large market. Everything is done much faster in China, so working there can be less enjoyable and harder than it is here. When it comes to BiH, its natural beauty is simply irreplaceable. Most of my photo-shoots are done in nature and it really fulfills me. The last shooting I did was in Kakanj and it was really beautiful, it simply takes your breath away,” said Drinjakovic.

The biggest challenge and the greatest honor for him was to record a commercial for Coca Cola, which was directed by Danis Tanovic.

“I was invited to a casting in the organization of the agency Fabrika and I liked it from the very first moment. It was great to work with Danis Tanovic. He is a man who knows his job very well and working with people who know their job and transfer their unique energy to others is a real pleasure. Danis Tanovic definitely has a strong energy and charisma, and that was a really great experience that made me think more about cameras and acting.

As a model, he always has to look good and be in shape, so he is taking great care of a healthy lifestyle and he often visits the gym, but relies on good genetics as well.

Jasmin Drinjakovic likes to spend his free time in nature, he loves to relax with a good book, and, of course, hang out with his friends.



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