Model of BH Origin Melani Colic: I worked for Versace

December 6, 2017 12:30 PM

Eighteen-year-old Melani Colic, whose parents are from BiH, was born in the US and she is now building a successful fashion career and making her own path of success. She is very close with her family in BiH, and she visits them whenever she finds the opportunity. She says for herself that she is a Bosnian girl who loves cevapies and our meat pie.

“I recorded an advertisement for one of the biggest sports shops ‘Academy Sports’, an advertisement for ‘Cheeatos’, I also had the honor to be a model for Shirin Askari, one of the major designers at the Project Runway show, in the ‘Good Morning Texas’, and I also worked for Versace,” said Melani, who became a member of the large model agency “Factor Chosen” from Chicago at the beginning of October this year.

“Donatella Versace chose me for the top 5 models for her show in Dallas among several hundred other models,” she said.

Her fashion role model is Gisele Bundchen and Melanie stated that she hopes to become one of the Victoria’s angels one day.

“We are planning to visit our beautiful BiH next year, which is the most beautiful country on this planet. It is not easy to describe what I like the most about BiH in just a couple of sentences, but I believe that BiH is the only oasis that people do not know how to properly use,” said Melani.

She says that she is just a simple girl without limits when it comes to the fashion expression. She is studying forensics, and she loves to spend all of her free time with her parents and friends. She is engaged in sports and she is also a great fan of Bosnian cuisine.

“I really love and enjoy Bosnian cuisine, although I should stay away from cevapies, meat pie and similar food in this business,” said this beautiful, young woman.

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