Mirza Ganic declared Victory in Visoko

After eight years of the rule of the SDA party, and then the independent candidate Amra Babic, residents of Visoko gave their trust to Mirza Ganic, the SDA candidate who won the trust of almost 10,000 voters in these local elections, Avaz writes.

”Tonight we are sending a message that we will not count, but we will unite. We need peace, harmony and togetherness and we will achieve that. We are witnessing victory tonight. They could have humiliated and insulted us, but they could not beat us!” said, among other things, Mirza Ganic after the announcement of the victory.

And the kind of rule they have had in Visoko in the last eight years is perhaps best witnessed by the photos from the center of Visoko after the announcement of Mirza Ganic’s victory.

Thousands of enthusiastic citizens occupied the central city streets, despite the pandemic, and wanted to see the winner and congratulate him on this great victory.

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