Ministry of Science and Education in Sarajevo Canton decided about the Beginning of the School Year

At today’s meeting at the Ministry of Science and Education in Sarajevo Canton, it was finally agreed what the beginning of the school year will look like during the coronavirus pandemic, ie the first two weeks and it is important to emphasize that all decisions made will be reviewed every two weeks and that new measures will be adopted based on the assessment of the epidemiological picture, Klix.ba news portal reports.

From September 1st, there will be only elementary school students who attend class (from the first to the fourth grade) in school. It is a combined model that will fully enable the observance of epidemiological recommendations, considering that there will be only 15 students in the classroom.

However, in some schools where there are fewer students in the classes, there will be no need to divide the students into groups. Half of the class will be in school, and the other half will follow classes online and receive teaching materials.

They will rotate every week, so both of them attend both traditional and online classes.

First-grade high school students will be in the classrooms only on the first day of the new school year, and the remaining days in these two planned weeks will attend classes online, as will all other elementary and high school students except the aforementioned students who attend class.

Parents of students who have a chronic illness or have someone with a chronic illness in the family, and anyone else who does not want to send their children to school will have the option to opt for an online teaching model.

This right will be exercised by parents who notify the school of their decision by email or post. Parents of students with disabilities will have the same right.

Children attending school will wear masks, but not during classes while sitting in classrooms. When they move towards the board, or when they are in the hallway, then they will have to wear masks. Teachers will have a mask all the time.

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