The Ministry of Israel: Representation of the RS in Israel does not exist since 2013

April 21, 2017 10:45 AM

IsraelThe Embassy of BiH in the State of Israel received the note from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the State of Israel in which was stated that in the previous period were used all diplomatic channels through which they tried to draw attention to the fact that the Representative Office of the RS in Israel does not exist and that Arie Livne is not representative of the RS in that country.

“In the note was stated that the Representative Office of the RS in Jerusalem was closed on the 31st of December 2013 and that it was not re-opened again. It was stated that the Representative Office of the RS, according to the official register of companies that are operating in Israel, was re-registered in a private company (Ltd), whose manager is Arie Livni, and that premises where the company is located were not registered. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel has made no contact, nor any type of cooperation when it comes to the organization of economic, cultural, or sporting events with the newly formed company, nor Israeli media reported on any event in their organization during the past two years. Arie Livni, as stated in the note, was bypassing official institutions of Israel when organizing meetings of political leaders from the RS and Israel, and has not expressed any intention to promote the bilateral relations between the two countries in any way. Moreover, Arie Livni was not invited to attend any meeting during the visit of officials of the RS to Israel, even when the authorities in Banja Luka requested it. It was further stated that the image of Livne as an influential Israeli diplomat in the Balkans, which was created in certain media in the region, is not the truth, and all attitudes of Arie Livni are only his personal attitudes and they do not represent the views of the State of Israel in any way,” as said in the statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In the note was also stated that the bilateral relations between BiH and Israel are good and that there is also a need to deepen and improve these relations in many areas of common interest.





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