Minister of Transportation satisfied with the Pace of the Construction of Svilaj Bridge

January 26, 2018 11:45 AM

The Minister of Communications and Transport in the Council of Ministers, Ismir Jusko, is satisfied with the fact that there are no current indications that could affect the completion of works on Svilaj bridge, which is scheduled for May 28, next year.

Minister Jusko visited the Municipality of Odzak and the construction site of Svilaj bridge.

The Mayor of the Municipality Odzak Jakov Ivankovic introduced Minister Jusko with current events, with a special emphasis on the overall positive indicators after the beginning of works on Svilaj bridge, the plan of the construction of business zone near the bridge as well as the great interest of investors.

After the meeting, together with Mayor Ivankovic, Minister Jusko visited the construction site of Svilaj bridge. During their visit, the manager of the construction site informed them that works on the construction of the bridge are carried out as they planned.

Around 40 % of the total project will be realized by the end of January 2018. All preparatory works are completed, while some of the works on the lower structure of the bridge have been completely finalized. When it comes to the upper construction of the bridge, it is our pleasure to note that all 5,300 tons of steel have been procured. The beginning of installation of the steel construction is expected at the beginning of February 2018.

At the end of a working visit, Minister Jusko expressed his satisfaction with the fact that there are no indications of any circumstances that could affect the completion of the works, which are planned for May 28, 2019.



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