Minister Sarovic: Repayment of Debt for Russian gas is an Obligation of the Entity, not the State

September 21, 2017 8:00 AM

Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, Mirko Sarovic, stated that repayment of debt of BiH for delivered gas from the Russian Federation is a question for the governments of the RS and the FBiH.

Minister Sarovic said in Sarajevo that this issue became current right after the payment of the clearing debt, and he explained that from the Russian Federation requested a response from BiH and preparation of a plan for repaying debt for the supplied gas, which amounts to about 104 million USD.

He noted that this issue will probably be discussed at the energy summit in Moscow, which will be held in about 15 days.

“The repayment of the debt of BiH for delivered gas from the Russian Federation is a question for the governments of the entities that have tried to agree on how much each entity should pay out of the total amount of debt for the past five-six years, which ended up being unsuccessful,” said Sarovic.

He also stated that he talked with the ambassador of Russia to BiH, Peter Ivancov, and he also sent a letter to entity prime ministers in which he noted that the two governments need to make a debt repayment plan, which in the meantime was decreased from 104 million to 99 million USD, since the FBiH repaid around 5 million USD.

Sarovic believes that signing the Contract with the Transport Community is a very good thing and that it brings a long-term benefit in infrastructure and financial terms to BiH and the entire region.

Talking about the possible adopting of the Law on excise duties in BiH, Sarovic said that the current political atmosphere and the relationship between the forces in the Parliament of BiH are not promising a quality solution to this issue.

“There are little chances for that kind of thing,” concluded Sarovic.




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