Minister Sarovic: BiH has fulfilled Conditions for the Use of IPA funds in the Field of Environment

May 31, 2017 11:30 AM

sarovic-696x456The Council of Ministers of BiH adopted the Strategy of approximation in the field of environmental protection. This is a key document that allows equal application of BiH for the funds that are planned for the field of the environmental protection at the upcoming Summit for the Western Balkans, which will be held in Trieste on July 12, i.e. allows the use of funds in the field of the environment through funds of IPA II.


“After a couple of years of waiting and multimillion loss of funds that we could not withdraw because of the lack of strategy, the process is finally unblocked. Funds intended for infrastructure projects are especially important, i.e. grant funds through the IPA II,” stated Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of BiH, Mirko Sarovic.

Economic aspects of this Strategy were processed in conditions of difficult access to data that caused a longer period of development of this model, especially considering that the state approach had to be segmented and especially adapted for the FBiH, the RS and Brcko District.

“Despite this problem, it was possible to estimate that the total cost of approximation will amount to 7.1 billion EUR in the period of 30-40 years. In the same long-run period, the benefit of this strategy was estimated at 13.2 billion EUR,” noted Minister Sarovic.

All estimates for BiH are based on sectoral estimates of costs such as water, waste, air quality and climate changes.

“This strategic document and equal documents for the territory of the FBiH, the RS and Brcko District, which together make a comprehensive strategic platform for the environmental protection in BiH, will serve as a reliable base for a structured continuation of the process of approximation, with strong support of the EU through Program IPA II,” concluded Minister Sarovic at the end.



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