Minister Podzic: Responsibility for Disappearance​ of Weapons from Pazaric will be determined

The Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sifet Podzic, could not say anything concrete today when it comes to the disappearance of weapons from the Pazaric Basic Training Center of the Armed Forces of BiH until the investigation is completed, but he announced that responsibility will be determined.

Podzic emphasized that he feels responsible as the head of that institution when such things happen in the Armed Forces, which are led by investigative bodies, but disciplinary proceedings will be conducted in order to determine where the system failed.

He rejected media allegations that nothing concrete had been done in previous cases of disappearance of weapons, presenting exact data on how those responsible were punished with disciplinary sanctions, and announced that the public would be informed about everything after the investigative bodies give permission.

Asked how it is possible for weapons to disappear from the barracks, he said that if he knew, he would take concrete measures immediately, but it is obviously possible and is happening, which is why all persons in the chain of responsibility will be questioned, from him to the soldier who was on guard.

At the Pazaric Basic Training Center of the Armed Forces of BiH on February 11, during regular activities, it was determined that the security seal at the entrance was damaged.

In accordance with the procedures, an extraordinary inventory was performed when the lack of a certain amount of short weapons was determined, and the competent body of internal affairs, the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, was notified, on whose order the State Investigation and Protection Agency (SIPA) was hired.

Podzic talked about the current situation in the defense sector in Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo today with members of the Joint Commission for Defense and Security of the BiH Parliamentary Assembly, and the meeting was attended by other top representatives of the Ministry of Defense and the BiH Armed Forces.

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