Minister Pendes met with BiH Cadets in Austria while at a Military Parade

October 2, 2017 5:00 PM

On Saturday, the minister of defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Marina Pendes met with the minister of defense and sport of Austria Hans Peter Doszozil on the second day of an official visit to the Republic of Austria and attended the military parade and the Lecture Day marking ceremony held at the prestigious Terezian Military Academy, where ten cadets from BiH are studying to become officers.

Pendes and Doskozil discussed bilateral cooperation. They expressed satisfaction with the realization of their last year’s idea of training BiH cadet cadets in Austria, who started their education in September of this year by learning German and English.

Pendes thanked the Ministry of Defense and Sport of Austria for supporting the education, their extraordinary efforts and acceptance of cadets of BiH at the prestigious Therese Military Academy in Austria, pointing out that such support will further strengthen cooperation in defense of the two countries.

She emphasized that this support is investment in cadets, and investment in the future, in a safer, more stable and peaceful BiH.

Pendes expressed her hope for continuing cooperation in the field of training and education in the coming years, especially at a time when the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces of BiH are working hard to strengthen the capabilities and achieve the necessary standards and interoperability with EU and NATO forces.

Pendes, with a delegation from the BiH Ministry of Defense, attended a military parade and a ceremony marking the Lieutenant’s Day at the Therese Military Academy, where she met with BiH cadets, the BiH Ministry of Defense said.



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