Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece in Official Visit to Bosnia

The Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Council of Ministers, Bisera Turkovic, will meet today with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Greece, Nikos Dendias.

A tete-a-tete meeting between Turkovic and Dendias will be held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, followed by a meeting of the delegations of the Ministries of Foreign Affairs of BiH and Greece.

The meeting will start at 11.30 o’clock, after which Turkovic and Dendias will give statements to the media, it was announced from the BiH Ministry of Foreign Affairs. A

fter that, the members of the Presidency of BiH will meet with Dendias. The meeting will be held in the working salon starting at 1 pm, it was announced from the Presidency of BiH.

(Photo: Orthodox Times)

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