Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina attended US-Adriatic Charter



Minister of Defense of Bosnia and Herzegovina Marina Pendes attended a meeting of defense ministers of the US-Adriatic Charter (A-5) held in Tirana, Albania, on the challenges in Southeast Europe, to illegal migration, terrorist threats, the return of fighters from foreign battlefields, and natural and similar disasters.

Pendes stressed that neither the region nor the whole of Europe has a comprehensive and coherent policy or strategy to cope with the migrant crisis.

With regard to potential terrorist threats, she stressed that the response of the BiH institutions to this threat has been systematic, organized, comprehensive and adequate.

“In order to effectively prevent and adequately respond to these challenges, successful regional cooperation must involve the exchange of experience, knowledge and expertise, as well as training and joint action, which will be accompanied by appropriate transformation and adaptation of policies, strategies and structures,” stressed Pendes.

The ministerial meeting covered the following topics: observer countries’ perspectives in relation to the security environment in the region and their membership of the US-Adriatic Charter, security challenges of Southeast Europe, the future of the A-5 initiative and joint contribution to NATO operations and missions, and NATO’s open doors policy.

Albanian Defense Minister Olta Xhaçka and US Assistant Secretary of Defense Laura Cooper addressed the participants at the opening of the meeting. The meeting concluded with the signing of a joint statement by the A5 member ministers of defense.


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