Minister Milicevic: Record Number of Employees in Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina Entity


The Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina (FBiH) employs 530,000 people and the FBiH has not had a larger number of employees since its establishment, Federal Finance Minister Jelka Milicevic said on Thursday.

Milicevic explained this at the media conference today, adding that the FBiH entity employs 530,000 people and has never had more employees since the Federation of BiH was founded.

As he says, thanks to more employees and other economic measures, the PIO Fund has been stabilized.

The statistics are unrelenting. She says that the number of tax entities has increased, the profits and that the number of people employed in the real sector has increased, so it is not just the administration – said Milicevic.

She said that developments in the environment and general slowdowns were being monitored, but that an attempt was made to reach a safeguard mechanism in the FBiH. “We are constantly talking about the minimum wage that must increase and the real sector wage that must increase. That will make people stay, ”Milicevic said.

The Agency for Labor and Employment of Bosnia-Herzegovina announced on Tuesday that on December 31stlast year, there were 401,846 persons on the records of employment services in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Compared to the previous month, the number of unemployed persons increased by 487 or 0.12 percent.

Of the total number of job seekers, 229,146 or 57.02 percent are women.

Unemployment decreased in the Federation of BiH by 569 persons (0.19 percent) and in the Brcko District by 89 persons (1.27 percent), while it increased in the Republika Srpska by 1,145 persons (1.33 percent).

In December, a total of 16,589 persons were deleted from the records of employment services, out of which 9,651 were employed. At the same time, 10,493 people quit their jobs, while employers reported the need to hire 5,235 new workers during that period. According to the Agency for Statistics, in November 2019, the number of employed persons in Bosnia was 831,126, of which 359,192 were women.

Compared to October 2019, the number of employed persons increased by 0.1 percent, while the number of employed women also increased by 0.3 percent. The registered unemployment rate for November 2019 was 32.6 percent and remained unchanged compared to October 2019

Unemployment, poor quality of public services, corruption, and business-unfriendly environment are just some of the many challenges Bosnia and Herzegovina is faced with. However, in recent years, a more responsible approach by some local authorities has led to a significant improvement in the quality of life of the population.



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