Minister Mektic: OSA is eavesdropping in accordance with the Law and to protect Interests of BiH

Minister of Security of BiH Dragan Mektic stated that the Intelligence and Security Agency of BiH (OSA), was eavesdropping certain officials from Croatia in accordance with the laws and the Constitution of BiH, and that was done purely for the purpose of protecting the economic interests of BiH and its citizens.

“It is a legitimate right of every country, including BiH, to protect its interests and interests of its citizens. In accordance with that, institutions of BiH, as well as lower levels of government, are obliged to protect these interests,” stated Minister Mektic in Sarajevo.

He noted that OSA and all other security agencies in BiH are obliged to protect economic interests of BiH and to protect BiH against any kind of unconventional, improper attacks that could affect or jeopardize economic foundations of BiH and cause any economic damage to our country and its citizens.

“Everything that we got and what we learned about this affair, which media wrote about, we undertook in order to comply with the law and the Constitution of BiH, while protecting its economic interest and not allowing the undermining of BH economic system in a legal manner,” said Mektic.

According to him, private interests “affected the overall interests of BiH and must be prevented”.

“Whether this will bother individuals and groups in BiH who ended up in all of this, as well as some from other countries, we do not care. We are committed to the interest of citizens and we will not do anything against the economic interests of other countries,” said Mektic.

He believes that “now it is much clearer why some foreign officials and politicians have been talking badly about BiH”.

“Now we know much more about all of this and we will give all the information to the key institutions of executive, legislative and other competent authorities in BiH, since it is not the job of any security agency to make a response to other countries, but all key institutions of every country, including BiH, should do it based on valid and accurate information,” noted the Minister of Security.

(Source: klix.ba)


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