Minister Jusko: Chinese Companies want to participate in the Construction of Road Infrastructure in BiH

June 4, 2017 10:00 AM

juskoChinese companies that are engaged in the field of investments and construction of infrastructure facilities expressed their wish to participate in the construction of road infrastructure of BiH, primarily in the field of construction of the remaining sections of Corridor 5C, during the 8th International Infrastructure Investment and Construction Forum, which was held on June 1 and 2, in China.

They also expressed readiness for the construction of Corridor 5C according to the current model, as well as the possibility of construction on the basis of concession model and public-private partnerships.

Minister Ismir Jusko participated on the two-day conference in China on behalf of the Ministry of Communications and Transport of BiH, as announced by that ministry.

This conference was an opportunity for opening of the topic of new initiatives for improvement of the further development of road infrastructure in the world and facilitating the process of transition to an efficient, safe and sustainable mobility. Minister Ismir Jusko had an active role in the conference, and among other things, he presented infrastructural potential that the geographical position of BiH offers, especially in the case of the construction of Corridor 5C. Investments in the construction of infrastructure in BiH will affect the development of the economy, which will result in an increase in employment, it will save time, and improve the infrastructure development of road transport and contribute to reduce of greenhouse emissions of gas and protection of the environment at the same time.

Minister Jusko emphasized the dominant involvement of domestic operations when it comes to construction of infrastructure in BiH, regardless of who wins on the tender. Since the great interest of a large number of companies was expressed at the conference for the topic of investment and construction of road infrastructure in BiH, at the invitation of organizers, Minister Jusko participated in the final press conference.




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