Minister of Foreign Trade speaks about Three Phases of Konzum’s Reconstruction

Konzum Donation tuzlalive.baMinister of Foreign Trade and Economic Relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Mirko Sarovic spoke about Konzum retail chain saying that the reconstruction should take place in three phases and added that this is not the information of the Croatian Prime Minister Ante Ramljak, but from the relevant sources.

In the first phase, Slovenian company Mercator will probably come to the market of BiH, and only in those stores earlier taken over by Agrokor company.

Sarovic pointed out that Mercator would take Konzum stores in the second stage, adding that in the third phase it will have to take over all the buildings and the entire property of Konzum.

Moreover, Sarovic says that the idea of Mercator replacing Konzum is only in the background since it requires approval from key Agrokor creditors and Slovenians.

“In essence, this would not change the ownership structure, but management would be taken over by Mercator. All this sounds good, but there are many things that are left incomplete,” says Sarovic, adding that it is a very sensitive issue.


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