Minister of Finance: There will be no Tranche of the IMF, we hope that the Liquidity will not be endangered

July 28, 2017 11:30 AM

Minister of Finance and Treasury of FBiH Jelka Milicevic stated that the Government of FBiH after extensive discussions and consultations adopted important laws within their time frame.

“Some of them are the Law on the register of financial reports and the Law on accounting and auditing,” said Milicevic, adding that the proposal of the first law was adopted, while the ineffective Law on accounting and auditing was applied since 2015.

She added that the debt in the FBiH is lower by 4.1 % and that they borrowed a total of 160 million BAM and returned much more.

“We even canceled the auction, and we had that today with the information about the loan indebtedness of the FBiH,” said Milicevic.

She noted that most probably there will be no tranche with the IMF, although it was planned, and that they are planning rationalization.

“We are hoping that liquidity will not be endangered. We will take a loan, and in the long run, we will turn to domestic institutions, banks… Those will be bonds of the FBiH on seven years,” said Milicevic.

She added that the Government of the FBiH is regularly repaying its debts.

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