Minister of FA: We are close to the Agreement with the Transport Community, we cannot miss this Opportunity

August 29, 2017 10:00 AM

Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH Igor Crnadak recalled that Bosnia and Herzegovina is the only country that has not signed the Transport Community Treaty in Trieste yet, adding that they are close to resolving this issue.

“We are close to resolving the issue with the Transport Community Treaty. We have a little more time before the money that needs to be allocated for BiH is directed to some other countries,” stated Minister Crnadak.

He noted that the transport community is testing the seriousness of BH politicians, the reputation of BiH, and its European path.

“In this way, we can officially get candidate status for membership in the European Union at the beginning of next year. We are communicating with all relevant factors very well,” noted Crnadak.

He also noted that it is well known that the announcement of a referendum on NATO in Republika Srpska is a mistake.

“First of all, I want to say that there is no need for such decisions and it is unnecessary and even wrong to make a daily topic out of it, as the SNSD is trying to do,” said Minister of Foreign Affairs of BiH.

He added that for the RS is important to declare invalid any decision that politicians have voted for.

According to him, it is a very important message that the visit of the President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic takes place in a dignified way.

“We should have as good relations with Serbia as possible. What Vucic experienced in Srebrenica is important and should not be neglected. The reception, both political, and media, and human, should be dignified. I believe that the visit will have good effects,” concluded Crnadak.

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