Minister condemns Demolition of Medieval Monastery of the Holy Trinity Vozuca

The Minister of Human Rights and Refugees of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Milos Lucic, condemned the last incident when the medieval monastery of the Holy Trinity Vozuca from the 14th century in the municipality of Zavidovici was broken into, as well as the church shop on the ground floor of the bell tower.

Minister Lucic appeals to find the perpetrators and adequately punish them for that heinous act of attacking the property of the Serbian Orthodox Church, because every attack on a religious building is an attack on the people and their spirituality.

Lucic expressed hope that such unfortunate events will not happen again because the attacks on religious buildings do not contribute to the reconciliation of the people in BiH, and do not instil security in returnees, especially Serbs who want to return to the Federation of BiH.

The Vozuca Monastery is an endowment of King Dragutin Nemanjic from the 14th century and is a kind of monument and a witness to the history of this area.

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