Minister Bevanda: Bosnia and Herzegovina is still fiscally stable


Deputy Chairman of the Council of Ministers of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Minister of Finance and Treasury Vjekoslav Bevanda expressed his satisfaction that the session of the Council of Ministers of BiH the Draft Law on Budget of BiH Institutions and International Obligations of BiH for 2020 was adopted, as well as the Decision on Provisional Financing for the second quarter of this year.

Minister Bevanda believes that the liability indicator is the unanimous adoption of the Interim Financing Decision for the period April-June 2020. Minister Bevanda emphasized that he expects a high level of awareness of the moment when this year’s budget is adopted and appreciates all the comments that have been made.

“We have a crisis in the country because of the coronavirus the whole world is facing and all countries have or will have a problem with the economy. BiH is still fiscally stable, but we must work to keep it that way, “Minister Bevanda emphasized.

Minister Bevanda reminded that this year’s budget was increased by 30 million BAM by the decision of the Fiscal Council of BiH and amounts to 996 million BAM for financing the institutions of BiH, of which the interventions from the single account amount to 780 million BAM.

“The demands of the institutions of BiH were much larger than the budgetary framework in which we are moving, but most importantly, we planned funds for the smooth functioning of the institutions. I believe that we will be able to finance new situations as well, because at the level of BiH we have a coordinating role, while the entities and counties are operatives in the field when it comes to health, ”said Minister Bevanda.

He recalled that the external debt, for which repayment of 807 million BAM is planned this year, is being properly serviced. Minister Bevanda reminded that after the Council of Ministers, the draft budget would be forwarded to the constitutional proposer – the BiH Presidency, and then the draft budget would be adopted by the BiH Parliamentary Assembly.




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