Minister Bevanda: BiH can become a Regional Center if we build up Roadways

Minister of Finance and Treasury in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) Vjekoslav Bevanda has estimated that BiH can become a regional center if it builds up the roadways that enable large flow of people and goods and many investments from Europe.

Bevanda claims there is no alternative to increasing the excise tax on a road construction.

“All funds that are collected like this will not go to the state level, “ Bevanda told for Vecernji List, a BiH edition, adding that it was one of the rare decisions that have been operatively implemented recently.

When asked if there will be a majority in parliament to adopt the BiH budget for the next year, Bevanda said he expects an even bigger “circus” than in the case with excise taxes.

He said that it would be good to have the budget adopted this year, and not to enter the period of temporary funding.

Talking about the changes to the Election Law, Bevanda says that Croats just expect that they can choose, like the other two peoples, their own authority representatives.

“In order to avoid this, Croatian representatives are attacking at every turn. I would say that anti-croatian hysteria is in action and that is my rating, “ he emphasized.

He says that changes to the Election Law require sincere dialogue and they will use all possible democratic means, and if not, then they certainly will not repeat the words of some politicians who mention war.

“Whoever invokes that evil, is certainly not thinking clearly, “ Bevanda concluded.


(Source: Klix.ba)

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