The minimum Salary to remain 407 BAM

August 21, 2017 7:45 AM

The law on work experience is still current, there are two versions of its text, but there are no approval of relevant entities, primarily employers and trade unions, and therefore this law most probably will not be brought before the Government of FBiH this year, said Vesko Drljaca, Minister of Labor and Social Policy of the FBiH.

However, the question on linking the work experience for the people who have acquired the right to retirement, and for which is planned 26 million BAM this year, will be resolved regardless of whether they want to do it through the law or through individual decisions on contribution payments, because our goal is to help those people and achieve the result.

“This is not a classic law, it is a social measure, and it is about the payment of unpaid contributions, and that topic is closer to the Ministry of Finance, but the Government wants it to be within the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy,” stated Drljaca.

He noted that the fundamental rights of workers will not and should not be interfered with and that the content of the General Collective Agreement is the basis on which the Government of FBiH will decide on a minimum salary in consultation with its social partners.

“According to the regulation that is ready, the minimum salary will remain 407 BAM. There might be some correction upwards, in accordance with the GDP, but not downwards,” stated Minister Drljaca.

He noted that they are planning to complete the reform of Labor Law and, besides amendments to the Labor Law, the plan is to adopt the Law on strike, a peaceful resolution of labor disputes and safety at work.

Minister Drljaca also noted that they are planning the Law on the economic and social council and amendments to the Law on Employment Mediation. He also added that continuation of social reforms and address of employment issues are planned for next year as well.




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