Milos Obradov suspected of killing Two Police Officers in Sarajevo

Republika Srpska police have submitted a supplement to the report regarding the murder of Damir Ostojic.

The supplement to the report was filed against M.O. with the party alleging the existence of the grounds for suspicion that he committed the criminal offense of murder of Damir Ostojic.

According to Federal News Agency, a report was filed against Milos Obradov, detained in KPZ Zenica, suspected of having participated with Srecko Trifkovic in the murder of police officers Adis Sehovic and Davor Vujinovic.

He is charged, together with S.S. and another unknown person, on September 5th, 2018 in Banja Luka, killed Ostojic and injured Sanda Josic seriously.

The investigation into this case continues, the Ministry of Interior of Republika Srpska reported today, whose police officers submitted an addendum to the report to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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