Milan Bogdanovic acquitted of Charges of War Crimes in Srebrenica

The Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina has delivered and on 25 March 2019 publicly pronounced a trial judgment in the case of Milan Bogdanović, acquitting the accused of the charges that he committed the criminal offense of Crimes against Humanity under Article 172(1)h) of the Criminal Code of Bosnia and Herzegovina, as read with Article 180(1) and Article 29 of the same Code.

The accused Milan Bogdanović is acquitted of the charges that, while performing the duty of Commander of PS Skelani and 6th Company of Special Police Units (PJP) CJB Zvornik, between 11 July and late October 1995, when the VRS and MUP RS were undertaking a widespread and systematic attack against the civilian Bosniak population of the UN Safe Area of Srebrenica, which resulted in 40,000 forcibly removed Bosniaks and more than 8,000 summarily executed Bosniak boys and men, knowing of the attack, participated in the persecution of the Bosniak population from the UN Safe Area of Srebrenica by killings, forced transfer of population, unlawful detention and forcible disappearance of Bosniak civilians on a discriminatory basis.



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