Migrants stay at Camp Lipa until Monday

Twice, the International Organization for Migration (IOM) announced, and postponed, the closure of the Lipa migrant camp near Bihac.

According to the latest information, it has been confirmed to “Avaz” from IOM that the Lipa camp will continue to operate until Monday.

The request that the camp not be closed today came from BiH institutions.

To recall, the authorities for eight months, as long as it exists, neither have regulated the status of this camp, nor found an alternative location.

After the announcement of the International Organization for Migration that the camp will have to be closed due to bad conditions, the Ministry of Security of BiH nominated a proposal for a decision on the establishment of a temporary reception camp Lipa on the agenda of the Council of Ministers.

This proposal was not supported by the ministers from RS, so the Ministry said that all possibilities had been exhausted.

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