Migrants in BiH need Food, first Babies born

May 15, 2018 12:00 PM

The number of migrants and refugees in BiH is increasing every day. We are still waiting for reaction of the state, and humanitarian organizations and associations are taking care of them for now. There are not too many donations, but they do not allow anyone to be hungry.

The problem is that most humanitarian organizations already have a large number of users in our country, since a large number of our fellow citizens live in poverty and with minimal income from which they cannot even buy food for themselves. However, they have invested great efforts and they are trying to prepare meals for everyone who came from distant countries, every day.

There are currently around 260 migrants in Bihac, and they are placed in a devastated dormitory. The Red Cross in cooperation with Merhamet is preparing meals and packages of help.

According to Alen Prosic from Merhamet in Bihac, they provide bread and some groceries for them every day.

“We distributed around 200 blankets, toilet paper, towels, toothpaste, razors etc. These are the things that are always necessary. We coordinate with the Red Cross of BiH, and if necessary, they will contact the International Committee of the Red Cross to join them in these activities,” said Klicic.

When it comes to Canton Sarajevo, migrants are located at several areas. A large number of volunteers are taking care of them. Merhamet regularly distributes help packages to a group of them that is located in the Park across the City Hall, while volunteers of humanitarian association Pomozi.ba are helping those who are located in Ilidza, surrounding settlements and outside of Sarajevo.

“We provide around 1,300 meals for our regular users and migrants at this moment. The ratio is approximately half – half. There is more and more people coming every day. We are helping them in Ilidza, where we cook meals for 200-300 people a day, and we rented a residential unit recently in which we placed around 100 migrants. We have accommodated about 400 immigrants in houses only in the month of January,” said Elvir Karalic from Pomozi.ba.

During the weekend, Pomozi.ba organized a humanitarian Bazaar of Good Will for migrants. A large number of people responded, and they helped the income for helping migrants to increase by buying different items.

If you want to help immigrants, you can do it by purchasing food (canned food, spreads, pasta, vegetables, fruits and meat), hygienic supplies (diapers, bathing materials, razors, etc.), clothing, blankets etc. You can contact the Red Cross, Merhamet and Pomozi.ba for all the details.

(Source: M. N./Klix.ba)


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