Microsoft NetWork 7 Conference in Neum gathered 900 Participants

April 20, 2017 11:30 AM

microsoft conferenceYesterday in Neum started Microsoft NetWork 7 conference that gathered about 900 participants who will attend lectures in the next three days. Lectures are divided into several departments, as following: the digital transformation of business operations, development of platforms and tools, accommodation and analysis of data, server/cloud infrastructure and services, security and identity management, and case studies. During the conference will be discussed the process of migration from local to cloud infrastructure, experiences of customers from BiH in this process, and the new capabilities available to Microsoft cloud services such as Azure, Dynamics 365, Enterprise Mobility Suite, Office 365…

“This is the largest business and technology conference this year. Microsoft Network Conference gathered 80 lecturers this year, and today is held the Business Day, where we shared novelties with the people from the business sector, what we have successfully implemented with our customers in BiH, as well as trends that are waiting for us in the future. We organized a presentation on how Microsoft sees innovation in education and how education can be better for the education sector and the academic community,” said Director of Microsoft BiH, Omar Krivosija.

He added that they planned the roundtable on the topic of Cyber Security for today.

“The issue of safety is not properly discussed in BiH, although it is talked a lot about the digital transformation, however, the security is very important as well. If you want to entrust your business operations and activities to technology, then this technology must be safe,” added Krivosija.

Regional Director of Administration of Microsoft Ratko Mutavdzic said that the message of digital transformation is not only for organizations, it is the message for individuals as well as our teams within which we work, the way in which we will support education, and how to help to new business models.

The conference will be continued tomorrow, and they will talk about: Increasing of productivity with Dynamics 355 for financials, Monitoring of Azure application, Digital transformations with Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud: the policies and practices of the use of the cloud.

Proud sponsors of the conference this year are again the companies Logosoft and Lenovo, and telecommunications partner is HT Eronet.



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