What is the Message of Immigrants who live in a Private Center near Sarajevo?

Citizens are taking over the obligations of the state once again. This time it is about immigrants. Several of them were accepted by the members of the youth organization “Tempo” from Vogosca, who offered them a shelter on a few days. They could not even imagine that their center will become an alternative immigrant shelter.

Two rooms. Ten beds. Shared kitchen and shared bathroom in a house that is not even intended to be a home for refugees. But, it became a real home to 16 people. If they have no space on beds, they sleep on – alternatives.

“Yes, we want to stay here. However, we have a lot of problems. They did not renew our papers, and now they are expired. They are not giving us any accommodation. So, how are we supposed to stay, that’s a big problem? The border police caught us, gave us papers, the address of an asylum center, but whenever we go there, they say that they cannot take us in, because there is no place,” said 31-year-old Muhamed Ajaz from Pakistan.

“I do not know if the police will arrest me. How should I know the laws of this country? What should I do, where should I go? I’m not desirable anywhere on this planet. Why? I am really sad and disappointed in this world…” stated Nizam Kidiri from Tunisia.

“One of the refugees closed himself in a room, and he did not want to come out for three days. We asked him what was the reason, and he told us that his brother was killed in Syria,” said Sulejmani.

It is still uncertain what will be the destiny of these people. However, there is no doubt that these human citizens, once again, are taking over the responsibilities of their country.

(Source: N1)


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