Official: Mercator began taking over Konzum’s Stores in BiH

Mercator has already begun taking over Konzum’s stores in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH), starting with several smaller stores, it was confirmed for

“They’ve already started taking over smaller stores and, later, they’ll take over the stores of former Drvopromet and finally, large centers. Mercator will take over a total of 83 stores,” they said from Konzum BiH.

The first store that was taken over was on Grbavica.

Konzum is negotiating with suppliers from BiH in parallel with the process of Mercator taking over the stores. The debt to BiH suppliers is larger than 60 million BAM, with over 1,100 suppliers seeking payments and each one having their own interests.

At a meeting held on September 6th with suppliers in Republika Srpska, one of the two entities in BiH, Konzum offered to repay the debt in 48 payments.


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