Men more likely to progress in Croatian companies than women: survey

March 11, 2019 2:30 PM

Croatian women are still less likely to be promoted than men although the number of female executives is steadily growing, a survey published by the Croatian Employers’ Association on Thursday showed.

The results of the survey “Women in the business world” showed that 77 percent of the 186 respondents believe that men are quicker to achieve professional progress, although 58 percent of them believed that women and men achieve equitable financial results and profits for their companies.

“The women’s issue is not a topic to be solved only for the International Women’s Day, but throughout the year, because companies that promote gender equality are more successful and more competitive on the market,” President of the Croatian Employers’ Association Gordana Deranja said.

The survey which was carried out from October to December last year showed that 5.3 percent of CEOs in Croatia’s state-owned companies are women, and nearly 19 percent of managing positions in listed companies are held by women, but they are paid less than men.

Previous researches show that companies in which men and women are equally represented at the chief positions have a 35 percent higher return of the capital, and a six percent higher net profit margin.
Similarly, companies with gender-balanced leadership have proven to be twice as resistant in the market and have more easily overcome the 2008 financial crisis, Xinhua reports.


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