Memorial Service held for 158 Serbs who died on Orthodox Christmas

In the church of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul in Kravica near Bratunac, a memorial service was held for 158 Serbs who died from this place and neighboring villages in the last war, 49 of whom were killed on Orthodox Christmas in 1993.

A memorial service was held, a short commemorative program was held, and honor was paid and flowers were laid at the memorial cross in Kravica for 3,267 killed Serb civilians and fighters from the middle Podrinje and Birča.

In that way, the 28th anniversary of the suffering of Serbs in the area of ​​the Bratunac local community Kravica will be marked.

On Orthodox Christmas, 49 Serb civilians and soldiers were killed, 80 were wounded, and seven went missing. Five have not yet been found even after 28 years. Among the missing that day were two women.

688 Serb houses were set on fire and about 2,000 auxiliary and 27 social facilities were destroyed.

About 1,000 inhabitants were left homeless in one day. 101 children were left without one or both parents. Not even 28 years after the suffering of Serbs, no one has been held accountable for the murders and crimes in Kravica, with the exception of two Bosniaks who were convicted of three individual murders in the Bratunac area.

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