Members of BiH Armed Forces left without Bread due to Tender Cancellation

Members of the Armed Forces of Bosnia and Herzegovina from Gorazde, Zepce, Doboj and Derventa will be left without bread and pie due to the cancellation of the food procurement tender, because, as stated in the explanation of the BiH Ministry of Defense, which also canceled it, “no bid was submitted within the deadline”.

The value of the tender exceeds 100 thousand euros and it is only one of the tenders canceled in the last two years, which is for the procurement of meat products, halal program, and whose total value is about three and a half million euros.

None of the bids in the failed tenders, according to official statements of the BiH Ministry of Defense, was acceptable.

Transparency International, which has found a link between non-transparent financing of political parties, recently noted that “it is evident that party donors have received numerous tenders in local communities where these parties exercise power.”

They also received donations from those companies that already have contracts with public institutions. According to Mervin Mirascija from the Open Society Fund, all of this will result in between 250 and 300 million euros in public procurement annually ending up in the “gray zone”.

“If we have four billion spent annually in Bosnia and Herzegovina, you can easily calculate how much that means, that we have the standard of one Germany, France … We are practically in the gray flow, something susceptible to corruption, between 500 and 600 million BAM (about 250 to 300 million euros) annually, “Mirascija explained for Vijesti.ba news portal.

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