Members of the House of Lords met with the Leaders of FBiH

A delegation of the House of Lords of the Parliament of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland led by Lord Howell of Guildford, the former Secretary of State for Trade and Energy, met with the leaders of legislative and executive branches of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, namely the speaker of the House of Peoples Lidija Bradar, the speaker of the House of Representatives Edin Music and prime minister Fadil Novalic.

Alongside Lord Howella, Baroness Hilton, Lord Purvis and Lord Wood also made up the delegation. The British ambassador to BiH Edward Ferguson also attended the meeting.

The leaders of FBiH informed the delegation of the situation in the Federation of BiH, with a special emphasis on the implementation of the Reform Agenda derived from the German-British Initiative, a document that was rated as one of the most significant for launching positive changes in BiH and the FBiH, its constituent part.

Along with socio-economic reforms, the creation of a safer environment and the fight against corruption, it is concluded that it is important to seek a path to restructure BiH in accordance to the wishes of all its peoples and citizens.

The goal of the visit of the delegation of the International Relations Committee of the House of Lords to BiH is to learn about the situation in BiH and, on the basis of the information received, to analyze the challenges facing the Western Balkans.

On the basis of such analyzes, the British policy towards the Western Balkan countries after Brexit will be defined.

Representatives of the legislative and executive branches at the state and entity level of Republika Srpska, members of the Inter-religious Council of BiH, as well as representatives of civil society, security services and the international community in BiH will also meet with the members of the delegation regarding the situation in BiH, it was announced.


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