Member of Bosnian Presidency Milorad Dodik to meet President of North Macedonia


Member of Presidency of Bosnia-Herzegovina Milorad Dodik is on a two-day visit to Skopje on Monday, where he will meet with Northern Macedonia President Steve Pendarovski, Srna news agency reports.

After talks with Pendarovski, Dodik will attend the Svetosavska Academy, where he will be presented with the Svetosavska Charter for “making a remarkable contribution in affirming the Serbian national issue throughout the region and for making a significant contribution to the preservation of Serbian and Serbian culture and tradition in Northern Macedonia.”

The decision to award this recognition was unanimously adopted by the Organizing Committee for commemoration of the national holiday of Serbs in Northern Macedonia, Svetosavska Sunday 2020, at the proposal of the Serb community in that country. On the second day of their visit to Skopje, Dodik will visit the village of Kuceviste.

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