Member of BiH Presidency Komšić met with Stefano Sannino

February 26, 2013 3:01 PM

Member of BiH Presidency Komšić welcomed, in the name of BiH Presidency, the Director-General for Enlargement at the European Commission Stefano Sannino.

Komšić said that the visit is the sign of good cooperation and support of EU to BiH in the context of current political events in BiH.

He expressed gratitude for the interest and talks of EU representatives with local authority concerning BiH’s obligations towards the EU and the road map, and especially concerning the implementation of Sejdić- Finci ruling. Komšić added that he hopes that the messages that come from the EU, concerning the necessity to implement democratic standards, will be taken seriously in BiH.

Sannino said that it is clear that current state is not in harmony with the EU standards, and that since June 2012, when the leaders made an agreement, which resulted in conclusions related to Road Map, but the content of the Road Map has not been implemented.

The EU decided to act proactively, and that is the only context in which the EU acts.

”The EU did not give any suggestions related to constitutional changes to BiH authorities”, said Sannino and noted that the wish of the EU is to engage more firmly in reaching the consensus, and not to isolate it from the process.

He said that the stance of the EU is that BiH must act quickly, and that the EU supports consensus that the political leaders must achieve, and expressed the hope that all the parties, in accordance with democratic processes will show responsibility to put the interests of BIH before the interests of the party.

Komšić and Sannino concluded that the European perspective is the best solution for BiH, and added that intensive work is needed in finding the solution, concerning that the time is limited.

Also, they said that compromises must be made and that European values must be applied in BiH, and added that everyone should be more responsible towards the future of the country, and it would very upsetting if the next elections were to be held in accordance with the current law.

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