Mektic: SIPA refused to help in securing the Funeral in Srebrenica?

July 13, 2015 4:45 PM

Dragan MekticMinister of Security of B&H, Dragan Mektic, announced today that the Directorate for the coordination of police bodies asked SIPA to help them in organizing the funeral in Potocari, on 23rd June already.

As the relevant Minister said, the Directorate asked the engagement of SIPA in three fields, out of which the most important is to engage two teams of the special police of SIPA.

“Also, an engagement of a certain number of inspectors of SIPA, as well as the team for a the counter operative protection was required“, stated Dragan Mektic.

“The just ignored it, they never replied“, said Mektic after the extraordinary session of the Council of Ministers of B&H.

He said that there was other failures as well, and that the coordination between police agencies was very poor and that in some moments, there was an argument between them.

A special problem was the exchange of information between police agencies.

“Also, the problem was the organization itself, i.e. organization of the commemoration. The VIP stage was too deep in the mass, and some things were changed accidentally although there was no approval of police agencies“, added he.

Chairman of the Council of Ministers of B&H, Denis Zvizdic, requested the formation of a special body that would coordinate various police agencies.



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