Mehmedović: Šešelj Verdict is a Shame for the International Community

April 1, 2016 11:45 AM

12941066_1144229422294679_62906580_oAfter The Hague Tribunal acquitted Vojislav Šešelj of all counts in the indictment, president of the Association “Mothers of Srebrenica” Hatidža Mehmedović stated that such reward to the war criminal should concern the major world powers.

Mehmedović said that such decision of The Hague Tribunal is a shame for the international community, the United Nations and the global system in general. Mehmedović highlights that the sorrow of the families cannot be erased, but that it was expected of the international community, which was an accomplice in aggression and genocide, to be fair.

“The criminals that are being rewarded are the teachers of the future generations. Therefore, it is no surprise that the children are now more intoxicated than they were in the time of communism. Such verdict should concern the major world powers more than it causes concern to the families, because for us there is no court in this world that can adjudicate a war criminal,” Mehmedović said.

Mehmedović pointed out that it is normal to wonder about what future one can hope for and whom to trust, after such verdicts. If the courts tailor the future this way, then everything is wrong, Mehmedović stated.

“We all know that Serbia committed aggression against BiH. I repeat: war criminals cannot be adjudicated for a single life taken, let alone for so many lives. However, a message could be sent to the future generations so that they do not take the same road,” Mehmedović said.

Mehmedović highlighted that The Hague Tribunal puts wind in the backs of criminals, their supporters and all young people who, unfortunately, nowadays support such destructive ideologies.

“Let God judge them, this is a shame for international community. They would not adjudicate anyone for Srebrenica either if Srebrenica were not a UN protected zone. You know what is the result of the UN? A sea of white tombstones in the Memorial Center Potočari,” Mehmedović concluded.



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