Meetings Between FBiH President and American Congressmen

February 6, 2013 1:49 PM

The FBiH President Živko Budimir spoke with the congressional lawmaker Louise McIntosh Slaugther on the current political situation in the FBiH and BiH, and of the possible solutions to overcome the crisis and about the functioning of the state and entity institutions.

Louise McIntosh Slaughter, who is aware of the situation in BiH and visited our country several times, expressed concern about the lack of progress on the path to NATO and the EU, as well as on building a modern BiH society without ethnic divisions and intolerance.

The FBiH President met with Congressman Steve Cohen, who announced that he would visit BiH soon.

They spoke of the entry of BiH into NATO and of the real reasons for the delay in European and Euro-Atlantic integration.

The Congressman expressed a particular interest in the activities of political parties to improve relations between nations, an area where not much progress has been made.

He expects that the next activities for BiH is in the fight against corruption, which started in the region in Serbia and Croatia, and which would create better conditions for foreign investments and economic development.

Congress members Slaughter and Cohen shared the view that the hearing on BiH in Congress can contribute to a better understanding of the causes of the current state and of local politicians in BiH, as well as international institutions in order to encourage an efficient solution to problems in the state.

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