Meeting of the Task Force for the Fight against Terrorism held in Sarajevo

A meeting of the Task Force for the Fight against Terrorism and Prevention of the Danger of Terrorism was held at the Prosecutor’s Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina in Sarajevo on Tuesday.

During the meeting, it was concluded that good cooperation and exchange of information between institutions in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as at the international level, must continue to develop at the operational level in order to prevent and timely prevent the threat of terrorism, as well as strengthen the work of each institution within its competence.

The Chief Prosecutor Gordana Tadic informed the participants that this year, in a short period of only a few months after the extradition to BiH at the end of last year, the Prosecutor’s Office of BiH filed indictments against seven persons for terrorism and participation in foreign battlefields.

Of these, two defendants pleaded guilty immediately after the indictment and were given final verdicts. There were no delays in the processing of these cases during the pandemic, and activities on indictments, extension of detention and other activities in these cases were regularly carried out.

So far, indictments have been filed against 32 people for crimes related to participation in foreign battlefields, ten of them last year and this year.

Currently, five cases are in the trial phase. There have been no acquittals in terrorism cases involving participation in foreign battlefields in Syria, and about 60 years in prison have been handed down so far. All terrorism-related indictments sentenced them to about 160 years in prison.

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