Meeting of BiH’s Task Force on Combating Terrorism held in Sarajevo

Chaired by Prosecutor General of BiH Prosecutor’s Office Gordana Tadic, a meeting of the Task Force on Combating Terrorism and Strengthening its Counter-Terrorism Capability was held.

Central topics of the meeting were related to the analysis of the situation regarding the return of BiH citizens from foreign fronts, their acceptance and processing in BiH, as well as the future steps and activities that the law enforcement agencies will take to implement this process.

The Prosecutor’s Office of BiH, together with partner police and security agencies from BiH and abroad, continues to undertake intensive activities to detect, prevent and prosecute terrorist offenses, in which all institutions participate in accordance with their respective competencies, which is the position of the Impact Group.

The meeting was attended by directors and officials of state and entity police agencies, as well as the Brcko District of BiH, followed by officials of the prosecutor’s offices of BiH, entities and Brcko District, as well as security and law enforcement agencies.

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